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Now you can earn with solar energy! In the summertime the sun is a very efficient energy source.

For example a private house equipped with efficient solar panels can easily produce more electricity than its residents can consume in a day. Now you can sell your excess energy forward, to the electric company of your choosing!


In Finland the sun radiates as efficiently as for example in Germany, where a significant share of power consumption is covered using solar energy. Utilization of solar electricity is a rational choice also in Finland: modern silicon solar panels are maintenance-free and efficient.

Solar collector

With solar energy you can heat all your household water from March to September- and part of the water consumption for all year! In Finland the sun radiates onto each square meter for approximately 1000 kWh annually. It is possible to harness even 25-35 % of this energy and heat your household utilizing maintenance-free solar collectors.

Areva Solar – an expert in free and environmentally friendly solar energy

Areva Solar is a specialist and import dealer of high quality solar panels and solar collectors.
Our services comprise everything you require to produce electricity and heat independently:

  • We can assist you in selecting the most suitable and practical solar energy equipment according to your needs
  • We can manage permit process for you or with you
  • We can assist your company or farm to apply for investment support
  • We will install your equipment reliably and correctly
  • We will support you in any solar energy related challenges and questions


Monitor our 4,7 kWp private house system in Salo, Finland or
322,56 kWp system at Astrum-keskus, Salo, Finland





Contact us and benefit from our competence and experience – we will gladly answer any questions you may have if you are considering the possibilities solar energy can offer. In case you are already familiar with the subject, we can provide information of the latest technical innovations and of current renewable energy legislation.