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The solar panel factory Salo Tech Oy started production in May 2015. Production capacity is currently 25 kW per day in one shift, which means about 90-100 panels per day. In 2016, Salo Tech manufactured 4 megawatts of solar panels and in 2017, 4.5 megawatts of solar panels were manufactured, of which 95% were sold to Finland. The plant mainly produces 1.6 square meters of 270 W panels and 2 square meters of 330 W panels. Production has also made and tested more special solar panels, such as all-glass, all-black and colored panels. In September 2017, a key flag was awarded to Salo Tech Oy's solar panels. Our solar panels are designed and manufactured in Salo. Each of our solar panels is tested electronically, which allows us to guarantee top quality and uniform solar panels to our customers with a tolerance of 0 ~ + 5Wp from the default solar panel power value. Solar Panels are branded Salo - Solar Panels

The plant currently employs about a dozen people and due to the excellent growth prospects, the staff is likely to be increased in the future.

The export goal of Salo Tech Oy is to sell not only solar panels but also solar panel lines and solar panel factories, as our factory line has aroused a lot of interest in the international market.

Salo Tech is the first Finnish factory to produce basic solar panels. They have not been produced in Finland before, because the price level of Asian panels has been considered a limiting factor for domestic production. At the factory, however, we can produce Finnish panels at a price that is even more competitive than Asian panels. Salo Solar Oy acts as the sales company of Salo Tech Oy.

The solar panel factory Salo Tech Oy is located in the Astrum Center in Salo


Factory, Salo Tech Oy

Salorankatu 5-7
24240 Salo
Business-ID: 2643930-2