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Everyday comforts for your vacation home


Vacation homes, boats and mobile homes have utilized the numerous possibilities of solar electricity for a long time. The efficiency ratio of solar module applications for secondary homes has improved greatly.  It is easier than ever before to enjoy everyday home comforts at your vacation home.  

Independent generation of electricity

Private house solar systems differ from systems which are installed for secondary homes or for example on boats. In these cases off-grid system and batteries are required. Batteries are charged when real time energy consumption is lower than amount of generated solar electricity. The electricity generated at daytime can be conveniently utilized using batteries in the evening hours.

Installations for demanding locations

We have executed multiple larger and smaller solar electric installations, for example in challenging locations on the islands and coastal areas. We will gladly assist you in selecting the most suitable solar energy configuration and execute the installation even for demanding locations: once the equipment has been installed with expertise, you can successfully capture the first sunrays of spring after the winter storms.