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General questions concerning solar energy


Is the sunshine in Finland sufficient enough to receive real benefits from solar energy equipment?

 - Yes it is. The sun is shining onto each square meter approx. 1000 kWh annually, even in Finland.

The values can be compared to Central European radiation levels. Did you know that even 5 % of energy consumption in Germany is already covered with solar energy. Also in Finland solar electricity is an important energy form of the future.


The summer is rainy and sun is not shining. Are the solar panels on my roof useless?

 - In fact panels are generating electricity when the weather is bright, not directly through sun radiation. During the daytime there is enough light for modern solar panels to generate electricity, even when it rains.


The weather is cold. Are the panels still functioning?

- Panels are even more productive when the weather is cold! Consequently solar panel efficiency ratio is higher than for example in Spain.


It is snowing. Does the solar array fall down from the roof?

- When the solar array installation has been executed correctly, it will stay mounted as well as the roof itself.


Do solar panels require any maintenance?

- No maintenance is required.


Do I receive all needed electricity through sun radiation?

- In the summertime and with efficient, modern solar panels you can produce more electricity than you are able to consume (it is beneficial to sell overcapacity to your electric company). In the wintertime you will also need other forms of electricity production. Still, even then your energy self-sufficiency will be greatly improved. The summer in Finland is excellent for production of electricity: the days are so long that already from March onwards you can receive almost full benefits from your solar panels.


Can I heat using sun radiation only?

- You can heat all your household water with solar heat approximately from March to September. Even in the darkest time of the year you can heat a fraction of the water with solar energy.  


What is the financial payback time of solar collector system?

 - Calculated payback time depends on the price of other energy forms and the readiness of your existing heating equipment. At best the financial payback time of the system is even less than three years!