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Solar electricity with solar panels


In Finland the sun radiates with equal efficiency compared for example to Germany. 5% of required electricity in Germany is currently solar-generated energy. In the year 2050 the share of solar electricity will increase to 25% of the overall production: solar-generated energy is consequently a rational choice also in Finland: modern silicon based solar panels are maintenance-free and efficient, resulting in free electricity production after initial investments.

Invest in solar energy and earn

There is also a possibility to earn with solar electricity: solar energy solutions installed in private houses, company facilities and in farms can be connected directly into electric grid, to sell the overcapacity to the electric company of your choosing. We can support in acquisition of possible permits and execute the equipment installation according to requirements of electric companies.

Increase your independence with solar-generated electricity

Solar electricity is an excellent energy form for those who aim to increase their energy independence and lower external energy expenses. Solar electricity is also an energy form of the future – the sun is shining approximately for yet another five billion years. In utilization of solar electricity there are no negative side effects to our environment. Correctly installed, modern solar panels withstand Finnish weather conditions and require no maintenance, at the same time preserving their performance level for decades.

Benefit from energy grants

Companies and farms are supported through state energy grant program for initial solar energy investments. It is possible to cover even a third of these investments with the state provided grants.

We will gladly assist you also with related inquiries and in the application process.