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Effortless solar electricity

We offer solar electricity solutions for your private house on a turnkey basis. We will determine the most convenient type of solar electricity system according to your specific requirements. We can also assist you in inquiries and acquisition of the required permits. We will install the equipment according to regulations and electric company requirements. You can start with lighter system and expand your production in smaller steps. Our products are compatible; it is possible to expand your set-up by one square meter even annually!

Our solar electricity packages

Our on-grid solar electricity packages include solar panels according to required surface area.

An inverter which converts the DC solar electricity into 230 V AC electricity is included, with mounting racks, connection boxes and other required accessories

Designed for all roof types

You can follow your solar electricity production with the inverter display or by using an application: the resulting data is automatically sent to your computer or smartphone, to enable remote monitoring. Our system can be mounted onto all types of roof, including felt and tile and onto all variations of tin roofing.  There are no adverse environmental effects, noise, exhaust gases or dangerous by-products, only clean energy.